Can you unravel Ravitch’s quagmire?

More of Diane Ravitch’s commentary recently in TN:

Though acknowledging there are “some good charters,” she accused some of making sure low-performing students don’t attend them.

First of all, “some good charters” is not a valid statement a person described as “one of the nation’s leading voices against charter schools and various new education reforms” would make, so let’s not pretend she actually acknowledges that there are any good public charter schools.

#TruthaboutCharters  In my experience, charters largely enroll students in                 underserved, often poverty stricken areas (Which Diane later claims is the one of the major barriers to education, yet “anti-reformers” aren’t “doing anything” about poverty….more hypocrisy).

Also, this is interesting language.

“she accused some of making sure low-performing students don’t attend them.”

So, after I just said that public charters often serve kids in poverty, is Diane trying to say that public charters “cherry pick” high performing students?

Her statement seems to imply that “some charters” must have high performing students if they are allegedly “making sure low-performing students don’t attend them.”

So we know that public charters often serve kids in poverty. and apparently, by Diane’s own admission have some high performing scores. So it is possible, Diane, that public charters are enrolling children in poverty AND those same students are achieving high scores? Of course not, because then Diane, herself would be the hoax, not the education reform movement.

Just like her friend and board member Anthony Cody who can’t admit that students in DC, Chicago or NYC have made any gains.

Cody denies progress to advance his agenda

Really? No Gains in NYC?

Anthony Cody, can you look a child in DC in the eyes and tell him that his progress is unrecognized

What a shame it is to have those in the “education sphere” who can’t acknowledge when students perform well.

But wait, now I am confused. Didn’t Diane also say that it is us, the education reformers, who are claiming our schools are failing and they are actually doing well?

So which is it? Schools only do well when you can tie it to you and your “people,” but those gains don’t matter if you have to give credit to your “opposition?”

Where does the best interest of kids fit into Diane’s quagmire?


Diane Ravitch is the “hoax”

ICYMI, Diane Ravitch was in TN recently.

She demonstrated exactly what is wrong with the anti-reform movement. The only hoax in the room was Diane Ravitch.

the “narrative that the reformers have been constructing is itself a hoax.

“They say that our schools are failing. Again and again it’s on the cover of magazines and in the news media — our schools are broken, our schools are obsolete.

“Our test scores are not flat or declining,” she countered. “Today, test scores are the highest for every group than they’ve ever been in history.”

Are all schools failing? Certainly not. But there are definitely millions of students who do not have access to a quality education and they are being failed by our system everyday. This can not be denied. Though, apparently, Diane Ravitch thinks every child is receiving a great education!?!?! I hear stories like these all the time.

She claims that education reformers are putting all our schools in one basket “failing.” Yet she seems to have no problem putting charter schools and every other reform we’ve been putting in place to combat poverty and provide an equal and quality education to every student in the “bad” basket. Hypocrisy everywhere.

This reminds me of how the anti-reformers viciously attack their opponents instead of act like adults and have a real conversation.

Diane would rather block her opponents that actually listen to them. Because maybe they would be right and she would be wrong? That can’t be. Not for a professional with a laundry list of accolades…and not a single day in a K-12 classroom.