Meeting DeKalb School Supt. Green

Great to meet New DeKalb School Superintendent Green last night at Leadership DeKalb’s event last night! 200 people RSVP’d and it was my first time at the Mary Gay HoGreen at leadership dekalb eventuse in Decatur. Only 45 days on the job and everyone seems optimistic about his potential for success.

Take aways:

He says all administrative staff were out in schools for the first day. This was partially in response to my desire to see Department administration cleaned out and when I mentioned that there is a big disconnect between district admin and implementation at the school level. Admin’s job is not “done” when they develop a program or curriculum. they need to see it through to the classroom.

He said that we are going to get academic achievement up one way or another (not 100% sure what the “other” way is)

When taking about cleaning house, he said he has already started and when I mentioned the nepotism, he said “if they are qualified and are doing the job” but I told him I don’t want to hear any more stories about someone’s son or daughter, cousin or whatever with a job at the school department to give them a job.

I explained my experience with substitute teachers in DeKalb. How I couldn’t get a spot as a sub when I first moved here, but that there is now a huge gap of sub opportunities not being filled.

I explained that it needs to be ok to fail, and how I knew of a situation where a school got “all hands on deck” for a state review, but was awful most of the time.

He agreed that middle school is critical to college and career readiness, and also made an interesting comment. He said he doesn’t like school counselors, that all the counselors he has met didn’t care about counseling students and they simply wanted to do admin work. I told him about how in RI you have to be a teacher for 3 years before you can be a counselor and seemed to me that the lackluster teachers just got a cushy job at the counselors office.

I’m just hoping he doesn’t mean that school counselors aren’t critical to student success when he said he would rather have hired someone else for the counselors spot. I am hoping he said that because that person was ineffective and not because he doesn’t believe in the work of school counselors.



Dekalb County’s 6th superintendent in 11 years

Dekalb County’s 6th superintendent in 11 years

Starting July 1, 2015, DeKalb County, GA schools will have a new Superintendent – 6th superintendent in 11 years time. Let’s hope the Board got it right this time.

I am hopeful because there was a national search, Dr. Green appears to have been successful in his posts prior to the position, he seems like a genuine guy in interviews and I appreciate the most that he has children and grandchildren here in DeKalb county, one of which will be attending a DeKalb county school. For an out of state Superintendent, he has skin in the game. And the one thing we needed was an outsider. It’s quite likely that our current superintendent, Michael Thurmond is planning to run for statewide office, or some other position and needs to maintain relative goodwill among the central office staff. He refused to do any house cleaning at the school department. I’m hopeful that an outsider like Dr. Green will do the necessary house cleaning in the central office staff – and why don’t you replace a few principals too?

The district is in dire need of stabilization as well. Being the 6th Superintendent in 11 years is not a good thing at all. Here the DeKalb School Watch Two blog reports on the turmoil which has occurred throughout the various superintendents and their ethical and criminal violations.

Of course DeKalb School Watch Two tears into Dr. Green because they think he’s success has been embellished.¬†And here’s the info on his contract, which I agree with some of their questions – but if he can clean house and lead us to actual success in DeKalb it will be worth it. Here are more details on his biography & contract details.

I have heard too many stories about nepotism and friends and family jobs that they aren’t qualified for or are not performing at. Or just getting a big salary. The first thing I want to see is cleaning house. I don’t know how many times I have been conned into thinking a staff person is a legit person to find out from others what a fake they are. There is only one person on the central office payroll I trust and she’s doing what she is told so she doesn’t get fired, but she’d can do her job to her fullest.

Only time will tell.